“I suffer from chronic migranes and ever since I started seeing Dr. Azim, my migranes have been reduced significantly. I don’t need to take as much Imitrex and I am able to continue with my daily normal activities. In addition to migranes, I had a severe neck injury from a car accident. Mary Azim helpmed me and made me free of pain! I love her fo rmaking me feel so fabulous!”- Erika

“Today was the first time in 7 years I’ve been able to ride a bike because of the way my tailbone was. Thanks to Dr. Azim I can see myself getting better every day. I never would have thought I was able to stretch again, it’s a great feeling! I can’t thank you enough for the treatment you have given me is amazing. I know I have a long way to go but with your help I have no doubt in my mind I will get there, whereas before I had no hope. This is the best therapy I’ve ever received, the staff there are so warm, friendly, and eager to help. I would recommend any one of your services to people. You are truly God sent.” - Llale H.

“I started seeing Dr. Azim three months ago, I came to her because I’ve been suffering from low back pain for most of my life, and it’s gotten worse in the past few years. In these few months, I have already made an incredible progress toward my recovery. She has taught me exercises to do at the office and at home. The exercises and therapy are gradually reshaping my spine. I feel better than I have ever in years. I have a very active lifestyle and I look forward to staying fully engaged and enjoying my life for many decades to come. The staff is so professional and kind. Dr. Azim’s care and compassion is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. I am so glad I found this clinic” – Shahab R.

“It’s really a memorable experience for me going to your clinic for Chiropractic care. You did not only help improve my health condition but also gave me the chance to meet new and nice friends. One thing that I like with your system is that you periodically check the patients development through x-rays. With this, there is no guesing on what the patient’s actual condition is. I was amazed when I was informed that based on the x-ray results, I made a significant improvement in the lower back, from 11mm to just 1 mm off the reference line. Thank you!” - Renato D.

“I came to Dr. Azim unable to walk or stand up straight. It took me a while to fully recover but now I feel better than ever! Not only have I recovered but I am addicted, if I miss a few days I feel sluggish and tired the whole day. I look forward to my appointments I wish I could come in every day. Thank you Dr. Azim and Staff.” – Sabrina A.

“When I came in to see Dr. Mary I had been suffering from pain on my lower back, shoulders, wrist, and knee. However, after seeing Dr. Mary for weeks my knee pain was gone. My lower back, shoulders, and wrist pain was way less than before. I would recomment this treatment to anyone. My entire family visits Dr. Mary, that’s how much we believe in her. Thanks for everything!!! Keep up the good work!!!” – David R.

“Although I’ve been on treatment for only over a month, I wanted to thank you because I feel like a different person. I really thought that my lower back pain was not going to disappear because I’ve had it for many years. I also had upperback, arch, and feet pain which has already disappeared about 60%. I do still feel lower back pain, but its not as painful as before. I also feel less tension in my body. I know its only been less than two months but I feel a big difference, and I have confidence that with your treatment, all my pains are going away little by little. I also want to mention that I have never felt so comfortable as at your office. You are the nicest doctor I have ever met! Thank you so much and God bless you!!”

“Dr. Mary- After 23 years of pain and trying all kinds of techniques and drugs, I found YOU. In only four weeks, I could walk straight up and walk up and down steps with no pain. If anyone needs help-never give up, and hopefully someday you’ll find Dr. Azim” – Jean B.

“I came in with 5 months of pain down my arms and across my shoulders. I had spent hours getting massages to alliviate the pain. After the first three sessions, I flew to England for an eleven day bus tour with no pain! Now, massasges are for pleasure not pain. As a side effect, I am doing exercises and becoming physically fit, who knew?” – Tessa D.

“Mary, Your knowledge of modalities and treatment has been extremely beneficial. Not only in relieving my physical pain, you have given me awareness as to dealing with chronic pain in an educational and emotionally supportive way! I am blessed to know you and thank you for your caring way! You are truly motivational” – Debbie O.
“Now since continuing my treatments with you have brought the chronic pain under more control. Having worked on corrective posture and reallignment of my body my energy flow is more substantial! These treatments have decreased my pain level and increased my mobility! I am taking less pain medications now, which also allows me to function better daily. I can’t wait to compare my old x-rays from years ago with my new ones in a few months! Thank you!” – Debbie O.

“I have experienced over 20 years of severe, constant chronic pain due to fibromyalgia and arthirtic back, spinal stenosis, and lumbar disc disease. With the medical treatments I received from Dr. Azim, my physical endurance and strength have greatly improved. I can now walk without the use of a cane and resume my activities and exercises. Thank You!” - Bonnie J

“Dr Azim, You have been extremely thorough in answering my questions and explaining the details of treatment even when I don’t ask. Your facility and conduct has been far superior than the two previous places I’ve been to. On top of this, you have a great personality. When I come in, I feel lik e I’m seeing a friend, not a doctor. I feel that I’m making progress in healing from my injury with your help. Thanks for everything! See you next time.” – Joe H.

“I have been feeling much better since I have started treatment and therapy. I feel well!” –Alfred S.

“I met Dr. Azim in 2001, when I was not her patient, but I always wanted to be. I see that the way she treats her patients. She is a very good chiropractor. I have been her patient since 2003, and I am feeling better emotionally and physically. She is very devoted to her patients. I am very happy with her massages to my knees, even if I feel that I am in pain, it feels better afterwards. About a month ago I had surgery on my right knee and I was depressed because my knee was tied and locked for weeks. My knees are healing. I appreciate everything, I can walk better thanks to Dr. Azim. Thank you very very much!” – Maria D.

“Dear Dr. Azim, This is a personal thank you for all of your hard work and dedication toward my recovery. I have had pain and discomfort for about 3 years and have gone through many treatments. I have not been fully satisfied until I started treatment with you. You are an excellent doctor and a very beautiful person to know. I am truly grateful for all the different types of treatments: massage, chiropractic and therapy. The best thing that that has happened to me since my accident. I will always remember you…Thanks again and again!” – Martha V.

“Dr. Azim, this is a personal THANK YOU for all your help with treating my migrane headaches. I have been a long time sufferer with migranes, since I was a child. Now that I have been treating with you, I am pain free. I no longer have recurring migraines and the symptoms that acompany them like nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances. Chiropractic treatment has been a blessing and has made life a lot simpler Thank you very much!” – Giovana S.

“After a couple of weeks, I was actually moving my hips again after three years of not being able to due to my car accident. I could not believe I was actually standing up and moving without all the pain. Thank you for everything!” – Eirit L.

“It is difficult to detect all the small improvements that have occurred for me in the eight weeks since I began seeing Dr. Azim and practicing the Pettibon system in the way she prescribes…There are times when I automatically straighten up, instead of slouch, because my muscles are being trained to work properly. The most remarkable thing for me is that I am waking up more frequently without pain. At these times, I feel energized in ways I have not experienced for at least ten years. I am getting up easier from a sitting position. I am walking at a faster pace. I can bend down and pick things up without pain. It feels like a near miracle that curbs and stairs are beginning to feel like curbs and stairs instead of Mt. Everest. She really considers the best course of care for each patient and then is very exacting in carrying out that treatment. In my opinion, she is gifted and genuine leader”

“I have had severe back pain for the past 5 years. The treatment I am getting with Dr. Azim gives me hope that I will avoid surgery.” – Jerry

“The numbers don’t mean anything to me, the degree of deviation, the percentaff, and the number of pounds my skull can carry…These are all numbers that you guys have to worry about- not me. All I know is that Aleve, Motrin, and Advil sound foreign to me now. Since I started with your program, I stopped taking these medications.  I’m in a better mood for months now because I’m not in severe back pain anymore. I don’t call in stick to work anymore. I feel great. Thank you guys for being my partners in health. – Emilio R.

“I am very thankful for all the help you gave me for my recovery. I wish you continued success. I know you will be helping many people like me.” –Renato D.

“Dear team Azim! Thank you for putting up with me, I’m sure that was a job on its own, and thank you for all that you have done for me. My back, and pain overall has improved dramatically over the time I have spent here. Once again, thank you for all that you have done for me, and my health.” – Railey T.

“Dr. Mary adjusted my neck today, and it relieved a lot of pressure in my neck. Also, a few weeks ago when she adjusted my back, it gave me more flexibility hen I bring my arms backwards. Thank you!” – Crystal

“My mom and I have been coming to Advanced Chiropractic Solutions for 9 weeks now. Because of the care from Dr. Azim, I can honestly say that I don’t get headaches or as much back pain as before. I do feel better everyday. Dr. Azim and the staff are very friendly and welcoming. There is never a day that I have seen them in a bad mood. They really do care about what they do. Thank you guys” – Liza C.

“I tried various chiropractors in my life, but these guys are certifiably the best I’ve ever been treated by. Both doctors and staff treat you with the respect and care that they would treat their own family with. Thanks!” – Chris J.

“I have less pain and more energy since starting the Pettibon program. I am taking less prescribed medication. My sleep quality is better, as well as my overall physical and emotional health.” – Debbie O.